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If you are looking for speed pulse, VSS, CAN bus location to fit a taxi meter you have just found the motherload.

Regardless of what make you are installing they all need a speed pulse for calibration.
Our association runs on a you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours basis.
It's written by and for the guys at the sharp end not some suit in an office.
There's information on pulse location, power location, the best way into the inside and warnings about problems. When one of us is the first to a vehicle (somebody has to be first) it may take hours to do it but after he has pased the information to the rest of the membership the next time anyone sees the vehicle it can be done much quicker.


We bulk buy CAN bus units so if a member wants one or twenty they are cheaper than if they brought from the manufacturer themselves.

We also have a specialy modified ABS sensor pulse unit made that is only available to members which means our members have the ability to do vehicles non members cannot.

We store all updated information on Microsoft skydrive so members anywhere in the world can look at the latest information on a PC, pad or their smartphone.