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Association of Taximeter Installers

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Association of Taximeter Installers

Welcome to our website which is for installers only so if you are not an authorised agent for a taximeter company you will not be able to join (we verify all applicants)


Most agents are directed to this site by taximeter manufacturers/importers or existing members recomending us to other installers.


The association is for the guys at the sharp end who have to deal with that wonderfuly patient, polite, prompt, understanding lifeform known as a Taxi driver.


The terms and conditions of membership are simple

You will not share our information with others be it individuals or companies

You will not steal our data which is copyrighted, if you do we will prosecute.

You will share any additional information you discover recarding particular vehicles with the association.

Basically if you are a stand up sort of guy just trying to make his work quicker and easier then welcome, these terms and conditions are here on this page for the a holes who try to steal our data and our lawyer says agreeing to these terms by email works better in court.


10 pounds UK for the first year, 15 after that (+VAT inUk and Eu)


Measuring Instrument Directive

This came in during 2006 and gave manufacturers ten years to manufacture and get approval for taximeters that met MID

From October 2016 it became illegal to sell taximeters that dont have MID because anything that doesnt is not a taximeter and should not be used where the requirement (such as Hackneys in UK) is for the taxi to have a taximeter.

Some councils in UK have a requirement that all taximeters must be MID approved (all should) but many dont as there sems to be nowhere they (or their testing center) can go to get a list of MID approved meters. So many that have the rule dont apply it.

To that end we are putting a list on the site. Just click the MID link.

At first it will be a simple list but we will expand it so each meter has a link to a page showing the MID certificate.

The identification is made a bit more complicated where a manufacturer has continued with the same model number and case for approved and non approved meters.


None of the above has MID approval so by definition cannot be used as a taximeter which is supposed to be tested and SEALED by the local authority.

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